A good story – Sirastudio, Professional Photographers and Video Production in Harrogate


A good story – Sirastudio, Professional Photographers and Video Production in Harrogate

With immediately available videos becoming more and more expected of companies, organisations and event managers, it couldn’t be more important to choose a video production company that knows how to direct, shoot and edit a story together, to make the visuals and the narrative flow, to create interest and to make videos watchable and share-able.

It’s gone viral



We are a small video production company in Harrogate. We are also commercial photographers and event organisers with a background in PR. On our SIRAStudio on Facebook page this week, we’ve had over 62,500 views of our video about the Great Knaresborough Bed Race (above on Vimeo). That’s over 10,000 plays per day and comments have come in from around the world. While immediacy is key – and this year, weirdly it’s been much more about Facebook rather than YouTube or Vimeo –  it’s all about the story. While we can’t take credit for the fabulous and completely insane event that is the Great Knaresborough Bed Race (all credit goes to Knaresborough Lions and all the volunteers who help to organise the day) it’s our job to tell the story, and so we had a Director, a team of 3 on the cameras and interviews, and on this occasion, the video director was also the dedicated editor, who would edit the footage that same evening, in order to upload it to various social media platforms immediately for everyone to enjoy – and share – while the proverbial iron was still hot.

It’s not easy

Producing a good video isn’t as easy as people may think so if you’re thinking of shooting a video for commercial use or as a community piece, please don’t assume that all you need is a video camera. It’s all about teamwork, forethought, the right kit, a solid creative process, and experience.

For optimum results, a team of at least two people is required for most shoots. You can’t just go and shoot visuals. You need to think about the messaging, the story, how questions will be answered, how to relax people into being interviewed (we’ve years of experience in PR so are great at being friendly and getting the most out of our interviewees) and how the narrative will flow to produce a good story in the edit. You must think of creative ways of lighting and creative ways of capturing visuals, (we’ve years of experience as commercial photographers, so have technical skills as well as creative energy, not to mention an abundance of lenses, cameras and lighting for all types of job). You have to think about the all important sound quality, which can differ greatly dependant on the type of microphone used – particularly in outdoor or busy locations (we have all types and know how to use them!) Off camera, you must include the graphics (perhaps animated to add interest), the crucial corporate logos, colours and fonts, the call to action at the end, and the music – which can dramatically enhance the viewer’s emotional experience (we understand all about those things). Finally you have to understand about creative editing techniques and the use of textoutput: where – and on what – it will be played, so the final film can be exported at the right size, resolution and correct file type (we know how AV suppliers work at conferences and events, and know all about social media and web based video requirements). You also have to think of speed of delivery, of course.

About us

We pride ourselves on our ability to create good stories – whether in video format or in photos. Our very small but perfectly formed team is a  commercial video and photography company based in Harrogate, in North Yorkshire. We are immensely proud to have a diverse client base throughout the UK and further afield. As well as covering Yorkshire, we work extensively in Scotland, Northern, Central and Southern England, Ireland and across Europe. We’ve also been lucky enough to work for clients in Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and America.

Our video work includes talking heads, editorial documentaries, event overviews, community short films for awards nights and charities,company overviews and exhibition and conference highlights. Our photography work is anything commercial. More often than not, we are commissioned to take professional photos at video jobs, in order for the client to gain extra value financially, and to gain extra value with stills to use in other communications.

Because of our background in PR and Event Management, we always have the bigger picture – the package – in mind, and so – as well as producing stand alone videos or photography – we can also create media rich presentations of our photography and videos to show at events, awards presentations and conferences and can take attend your event to take photos and video while we are there. We can even manage your whole event from the AV for the powerpoint presentations to the entertainment in the evenings. We like to think of it as visual communications at its most comprehensive.

All in a day’s work…… Looking for a video, photography or event management services? Give us a call for a friendly chat! 01423 546440 or visit our website: www.sirastudio.com

Stop press…… We are excited to announce that the Knaresborough Bed Race video will be screened on the big screen on Montpellier in Harrogate on Saturday 9th July at 12.15pm (in between Paddington and Minions) and at 7.15pm on Sunday (before Star Wars), as part of the Harrogate International Festival.