A Music Video about Hope & Social By Sirastudio, Professional Photographers and Video Production in Harrogate


Hope & Social – You’re The Lighter Side of Life’

Please click on the link above and watch this video.

We went to see the mightily talented Hope & Social, as they recorded their 3rd album ‘sleep sound’ in the Crypt in Leeds, to shoot a short ‘insight’ video.

The band has been down the road of traditional music business marketing, and after an expensive couple of years, found that it just didn’t suit them. They have now taken control of their destiny by forming their own record label, sharing their music online, and involving their fans in almost everything they do. They don’t just do social media, they take social to the extreme. Watch the video and find out more. And then go and see them. And buy their albums. You won’t be disappointed!

They rely heavily on viral promotion, over the web. So please share this video freely. Thank you.