Commercial, Corporate and Conference Photography in Harrogate and London

We specialise in business photography. We offer corporate portraits,  editorial photography, conference, exhibition & event photography, PR shoots and all types of commercial photography. We also offer time lapse and long term project photography, and event photography teams for large events that require on-site printing.

We are hugely experienced in location and studio photography, so are equipped to deal with all kinds of technical situations and every kind of environment from the top of a wind turbine in the blustery Yorkshire Dales to a hundred-and-fifty-strong team event in the heat of the Moroccan desert – and from the stage wings of an international conference in London to a boat on a fish farm in the Scottish Highlands. We work professionally, fast and efficiently and above all, we are very friendly and make the experience easy for all our clients.

We offer a series of useful and fun photography and video workshops for in-house teams and events. Click here to find out more.

All our studio equipment is PATS tested, our rates are competitive and we are fully insured for event work.  Click on our photography showreel below for a flavour of what we do! Or call us on 01423 546440 for an informal chat.


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conference and exhibition photography in harrogate and the uk

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special events

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