Video Production Days

Looking for a completely new type of corporate event experience that everyone will enjoy?

In our Hollywood Film Challenge, we take up to 4 groups of between 8 and 15 people, and make them into movie stars and directors for a day. This type of event is especially good for large groups with wide ranging personalities and demographics. And it can be held anywhere, from city centres to rural farms.

Great for groups

The SiRAstudio Hollywood movie-making challenge is a real team-builder. It involves script-writing, location-scouting, camera work, sound, actors, wardrobe managers and directors to mention just a few roles! Tremendous fun, the challenge is to write a two and a half minute movie trailer, get into character, rehearse and shoot your raw footage in an allotted time. It’s a perfect activity for complete beginners or techies of all ages and abilities, and competing with the other teams to produce the funniest or best finished film is half the fun. film can be themed, can contain brand messaging, serious content or can be just for fun. We provide you with everything you need for a fun-packed day or afternoon.

How does it work?

Split into pre-determined teams, we give each team a personalised goody box and a secret mission that contains all the pointers you need to produce an entertaining, original film trailer or recreate a pop video. One SiRAstudio video facilitator per team will give creative tips on how to use the professional video and sound equipment, help you structure your storyboard and organise your team. They will be on hand to give any guidance throughout the allotted time, then edit and produce a two and a half minute film trailer with your chosen soundtrack, while you wind down and get changed for the evening entertainment.

The whole package

We can arrange your Hollywood movie-making challenge from start to finish. As well as doing the pre-event preparation, organising the daytime activity and professionally editing your footage, we can present a whole awards evening with venue, catering, branding, audio and visual equipment, speeches, presenters and Oscar style awards and a red carpet ceremony. We will naturally provide a professional photographer to capture all the best moments of the day, and we can even organise and oversee transport to the farm from your hotel, and back to your hotel at the end of the night.  It’s a completely different corporate event, but one that you can re-visit again and again with the finished video files that we will present you with on your intranet site, or on CD after the event.

Please contact us for details: 01423 546440 or email