Sirastudio 2018


Sirastudio 2018


More and more organisations have started to invest and engage with online viewers by posting videos on their websites. Short films are an excellent way to reach those who learn experientially and those who are time-poor. Once the link is viewed and potentially shared, a wider audience can become aware of the project, product or cause – and get involved. Because the average brain is more capable of remembering pictures and sounds than words and letters, videos is a key tool for education and marketing. A familiar graphic, catchy song, sting or piece of music helps to remind the viewer of the product, service or cause – through association, so a good video production company will help you choose a range of ‘selling’ techniques that in addition to the main content, will subliminally make your video work to its full potential.

Who should use video?

There are many kinds of promotional video. For example, you could choose a fly-on-the-wall documentary, a storyboarded short film, a straight piece to camera or creative imagery with graphics-heavy animation. Mixing styles can help you achieve what’s best for your business but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with the concept. The best way to start is trawl the Internet, find a few videos that interest you, or just ask! A good, experienced video production company that is used to producing films for a wide range of clients will be able to guide you in your choice of style, help you write scripts, cast the participants, arrange the graphics, insert the all-important call-to-action and find emotive music licenced for your use. Social Media is changing fast, uploading videos to various platforms rather than to just YouTube has become essential if you want to maximise their potential. For example a video uploaded to Facebook will play automatically as you scroll your newsfeed while an embedded link from Youtube won’t, so you must create a captioned version of your video for facebook and Twitter as well.

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