Wedding Photography in a Marquee by Sirastudio, Professional Photographers in Harrogate


Wedding Photography in a Marquee by Sirastudio, Professional Photographers in Harrogate

Lucy and Stuart had a very strict brief! They wanted all their images to be reportage. They didn’t want any set up shots or formal group photography.

Check for photography restrictions before you choose your venue!

Lucy and Stuart’s marriage ceremony was at St Wilfred’s on Duchy Road in Harrogate. Although we were all aware of the photography restrictions through the service at St Wilfrid’s prior to Lucy and Stuart’s marriage, in some churches, allowing photography is down to individual wedding officiators. If having your ceremony photographed is important to you,  it’s always a good idea to check with your priest/vicar/registrar about photography and video before selecting your marriage ceremony venue.

Hiring a marquee for a wedding in Yorkshire

After the ceremony, Lucy, Stuart and their guests drove to Ripley to carry on the celebrations in a marquee in a field they had hired from a farmer. The setting was beautiful. The detail was inspired. There were cupcakes, scribed pebbles instead of name cards, fabulous foliage, excellent catering and sky and grass lanterns for creative twilight and night-time atmosphere. Nothing was left to chance and the fun and dancing went on til the wee hours.

Unobtrusive; not in-your-face

To stick to the brief, we used a combination of long and wide angle lenses and positioning to capture natural emotions and movements of guests. We clicked away all day, unobtrusively, to ensure that we got good images of each and every guest and present a real flavour of the day. With their agreement, we did however set up a couple of ‘natural’ shots (like this one) to ensure Lucy and Stuart got the romantic wedding photographs of just the two of them that they really wanted.

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